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Turbine Generator Services is equipped to service both national and international clients, in (but not limited to) the sugar, pulp and paper, petro-chemical, power utilities, rubber, mining and steel industries.


With the global trend of rapidly increasing operational costs, inflated electricity tariffs, combined with an extremely price sensitive market, the reliability, stability and performance of all independent power generation systems have become crucial to the survival and success of the business it supports.

Strategic maintenance, condition monitoring, digital protection and an automated governor control system all contribute to extended equipment life expectancy and greatly reduce the risk of any sudden and unforeseen failures and the associated consequential losses.

TGS specialises in strategic maintenance and modernisation of power generation plants and rotating equipment. Our services range from routine turbine maintenance and repair, to complete new power generation plant installations.

Strategic Maintenance

TGS provide comprehensive maintenance for turbine-alternators and mechanical drives including ancillary plant, system protection and control.

Our strategic maintenance services are categorised as follows:

  • Critical spares assessment
  • Pre-shutdown inspection
  • Turbine minor inspection and overhaul
  • Turbine major inspection and overhaul
  • High & low speed gearbox inspection and overhaul
  • Alternator testing, inspection and servicing
  • Ancillary plant inspection and overhaul
  • Mechanical governor, hydraulic amplifier and actuator servicing and repair
  • Laser alignment services
  • Protection relay testing
  • Return to service commissioning
  • Vibration monitoring services
  • Emergency breakdown response
  • Remnant life assessment and half-life studies


Parts Manufacturing & Repair

TGS specialise in the design, manufacture and repair of complex components and spares. Our experienced design team, precision skilled machine shop and stringent quality inspection process ensures the high level of precision and quality achieved in our products.

Our parts manufacturing & repair services are categorised as follows:

  • Repair of turbine and gearbox components
  • Manufacture turbine and gearbox components
  • OEM parts manufacture
  • Reverse engineering
  • Retrofit component manufacture
  • Turbine re-blade
  • Non-destructive examination
  • Metallurgical analysis and failure investigation
  • Dynamic balancing

TGS is proud to offer a state-of-the-art low speed dynamic balancing facility. Equipped with a Schenck HM40BU balancing machine, we are geared to balance rotors up to 3000kg, with journal sizes ranging from 15mm to 240mm, and a maximum distance between bearing centres of 2740mm.

Governor, Control and Protection Systems

Power plant modernisation is one of the key aspects in providing TGS clients with an all-in-one powerhouse solution. TGS is in a unique position to provide a multi-discipline design approach to all upgrade solutions. The success to a governor system upgrade lies in the optimisation and simplification of the electronic to mechanical control gear interface.

User-friendly automated operation, system protection and reliable diagnostic information are fundamental in the operation of a power generation plant. With the correct system in place, no trip or anomaly should ever go unexplained.

Our governor, control & protection services are categorised as follows:


  • Power generation plant assessment
  • Power generation plant modernisation turnkey solution
  • Mechanical drive electronic governor retrofit
  • Diesel generator electronic governor retrofit
  • Electronic governor, control and protection system design
  • Specialised panel builds
  • Electronic governor, control and protection system retrofit
  • Mechanical, electrical and instrumentation installations
  • Generator protection services
  • Automatic voltage regulator services
  • Electronic governing services
  • Commissioning
  • System diagnostics
  • System training
  • Remote support
Diagnostics & Remote Support

No trip or anomaly should ever go unexplained. With the correct systems in place, problem evaluation and troubleshooting become relatively simple, particularly relating to governing, control, condition monitoring and protection systems.

TGS offer 24/7 remote support, backed with on-site diagnostics when required.

Every trip experienced must be reviewed and used in a positive manner to correct plant issues or identify operator error and provide training accordingly. In the event of insufficient information to diagnose a trip, measures should be implemented to include this information and continually build a more resilient system.

Project Services

TGS project services range from the installation of new plant (or the relocation of second- hand turbine alternators) to the management of complete power plant assessments, upgrades and rehabilitation projects.